dirty [dʉrt′ē]
dirtier, dirtiest [ME dritti]
1. soiled or soiling with dirt; unclean
2. causing one to be soiled with dirt [a dirty occupation]
3. lacking luster or brilliance; dull, grayish, etc. [a dirty green]
4. obscene; pornographic [dirty jokes]
5. given to lechery or lustful thoughts; prurient [a dirty mind, dirty old man]
6. disagreeable or contemptible; mean; nasty [a dirty coward]
7. unfair; dishonest; unsportsmanlike [a dirty player]
8. unkind; malicious or malevolent [dirty remarks ]
9. producing much fallout: said of nuclear weapons
10. revealing anger or irritation [a dirty look]
11. squally; rough [dirty weather ]
12. Slang rasping, reedy, rough, etc. in tone [a dirty trumpet]
vt., vi.
dirtied, dirtying
to make or become dirty; soil; tarnish; stain
a dirty shame
a very unfortunate circumstance
SYN.- DIRTY is applied to that which is covered or filled with any kind of dirt and is the broadest of these terms [a dirty face, a dirty room ]; soiled generally suggests the presence of superficial dirt in an amount sufficient to impair cleanness or freshness [a soiled shirt ]; GRIMY suggests soot or granular dirt deposited on or ingrained in a surface [a miner with a grimy face ]; FILTHY is applied to that which is disgustingly dirty [filthy as a pigpen ]; FOUL implies extreme filth that is grossly offensive or loathsome because of its stench, putridity, or corruption [foul air ] -ANT. CLEAN

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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